Sunday, June 8, 2014

We are going to Disneyworld!

Funday Sunday is finally hear.   Girls are so excited and still having a hard time believing it! Plane leaves at 10:25am!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Well we had a dramatic Sunday.   Hannah was in a hurry to change her clothes to play with her friends and she accidentally dragged a stool over her big toe.   After all the blood and hysteria calmed down we realized that she bent 1/2 her toenail back :( 
She got sent home from school for not having closed toe shoes so Mimi made it better with a pool day! 
On to the dr for antibiotics and a dr note.   With "funday Sunday" just around the corner it also meant a new pair of open toe shoes! 
So yesterday Olivia decided she would stove get dinner playing volleyball with the boys across the street.   I swear they are trying to give me a heart attack bf our big adventure.   They are in quarantine in the house until Sunday!!

Tye die sleepover

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Very blessed to be this girlie's mom and to be able to say that I'm a part of the young lady she is quickly becoming!  Proud of you sweet girl!

I'm sorry Livie to add to your birthday post but I couldn't leave out Hannah's 1st photo bomb!  I somehow see many more of these to come. 

Funday Sunday

So we have a big surprise for the girls this year for their birthdays! They have no idea.   The clue is neatly wrapped in this pretty box!   To keep it a surprise I asked them to give me free rein to plan whatever I wanted and they would not ask me what we were doing.   The only request I got was that they wanted to have fun from the time they opened their eyes until they went to bed.   I got that covered :)

We have been referring to it as "Funday Sunday" for a couple of months now and it all happens June 8th 6am!  We decided not to tell them until the night before so we are having a little reveal party disguised as a way to celebrate their birthdays with the family.

I can't wait to show them what's in the box!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 yrs in the making

The house is decorated, gift is purchased, cake in the freezer, card is signed.  Everything is ready to celebrate the big day!   Just not sure my heart is..... I have never been the mom that cried when the kids went of to preschool or kindergarten because I enjoy every minute of every stage of your life and so far it keeps getting better and better.   

To my sweet girl-  in one word you are amazing!  You are so classically beautiful with your silky blond hair and the clearest blue eyes.   You always have the biggest smile and contagious giggles.   You are sensitive and very tender hearted.   I know that is going to turn into gentle empathy for others.   You are a relentless student that never misses a day.   You are and always will be Hannah's big sister and you never cease to amaze me how you always challenge her yet always include her.   You are carefree and not afraid to sing and dance, you have the most diverse group of friends and you enjoy being outside the most. You have the sweetest relationship with your Nana and I am cherishing the friendship that you and I have.   I pray that you continue to love love love life, that you grow closer to God, and that you seek in every day a way to bless others just by being you!