Sunday, August 2, 2015

Being Saved

Last Sunday, Hannah ask to be baptised.  In that moment, I thought to myself that I needed to write this down.   I wanted to take a picture of her on that day.  I didn't do either.   I spent the day talking to her about the decision she was making and trying to be sure she understood.  It's a special day but not one that needs a pretty picture but one that brought our family closer.

The truth is, it's a memory of one of the most peaceful days of my life as a parent.   She knows that she is asking God into her heart and she said it's about letting him lead your way and helping you in your life.   She said that she had been thinking about it ever since she decided to stop lying :) and she knows even if she isn't perfect, God can help her.  

It was a childlike version of an adult story.  I struggled with her age but God tells us we don't have to wait until we are perfect bc that day will never come on earth, we just have to have the desire to walk with him.   We pray for forgiveness and new life.   We pray for Him to walk with us and guide us all the days of our life.  Who am I to say when that day is for her? Will she do it again later in life? Maybe she will.   Maybe she will grow closer to him and renew that faith with the Lord.  Maybe she won't.   Either way, she wants to invite Him into her life now.

So the next baptism class is on my birthday.   I plan to share the special day God gave me by helping her in her faith journey. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

It's so hard to believe you are 8!  You made sure i got one last 7yr old hug and kiss before bed :(  It makes me want to hold strong to the memories.  I stop and stare at just how uniquely beautiful you are.  

You make me want to be more courageous, wiser and kinder so I can experience life through your eyes.   I pray that I am teaching you to be stronger and resilient in life.   I pray that I am caring for your heart so you know just how deeply you are loved and cherished.  Not just by your family but by God who made you perfectly just the way you are!

I love your freckles and your sense of humor! I love that you have perfect hair and are short just like me (thanks for making it a club! )  I love that you have rythm and you are always dancing through life.   I love your fearless outside and tender heart.  

I will never get over this blessing that is you!