Friday, May 22, 2015

Fury farm friends

We have a small farm about 1/2 mile from home.   We often walk up to feed the donkeys and have enjoyed making up our own names for then over the years.   Our favorite one is a rowdy boy we call Petey.  He chases you up and down the fence and cries when you leave.  

Yesterday we also found 3 barn kittens that recently lost their mother.   We spent about an hour visiting all the animals and begging mommy to take one home lol.

Girls Weekend

We were invited to the beach with Mimi and Aunt Kathy for the weekend.   I kept it a secret until about an hour from our destination! You girls ended up referring to it as our trip to the "blah blah blah". 

We had a great time full of desserts, new friends and fun in the sun, long car rides just me and my girls singing and dancing to our favorite songs and of course a trip or 2 to Starbucks!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Girl World Lockin

250 girls, pizza, donuts, movies, 2am bedtime and lots of fun learning what makes us beautiful!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sister Sleepover

These are the days a mommy longs for! Not only are they getting along but the really want to spend time together.  They have loaned each other dolly pjs, helped get things ready for the sleep over and expressed gratitude for their gifts of the sleeping bags from Mimi!  I am always blessed to be their mom, but days like today leave me wondering how i got such amazing girls.  I have thought a thousand times to blog about the holidays but it's hard to put all the stress and hussle into a few pictures and words.   I will get there, but to me this is what is all about.   Quiet moments, worry free time with family, friendships among sisters.   Who could ask for more! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's here!

Christmas is here!  We have had a hard time deciding if it had come so quickly or if it had taken forever. .....either way is here!   The elf (Ginger) has found her last hiding place, baking is all done, and Santa has arrived.   Nana has tried for 7yrs to spend Christmas eve night with us and it had finally happened.   I can't wait to share the morning excitement with her!